If you're not happy, we're not happy. BariAnalytics is committed to providing our clients with the most reliable support system. Even though we're based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have customer service representatives available 24/7. Whether you have an integration or data migration issue or just want a customization, we're here to help you succeed.

Implementation Services

In order to implement our system for efficient bariatric practice management, we follow a three-stage implementation process:


In this initial stage, a BariAnalytics Implementation specialist works personally with the bariatric clinic champion or the practice manager, to map the clinical workflow and processes to BariAnalytics. This stage is important for assessing the modules required by the clinic.

Clinic Setup

Once the Analysis stage is complete, the system is configured for the bariatric clinic, with the modules to be used by the clinic configured and user roles and access rights defined. This is the second stage in the implementation process.


The third and final stage is offering training on how to make the most of BariAnalytics. We provide web-based training for each user group based on their roles in the bariatric clinic, with basic training included as part of the implementation cost. Additional training services and onsite training is available at an additional cost.

Advanced Services

Data Migration

As part of the Standard Implementation process, basic patient demographic profile data for active bariatric patients is migrated to BariAnalytics (included in the implementation cost). Additional patients and inactive patients as well as migration of other medical information apart from basic patient profiles may involve additional costs.

We also provide:

  • Additional workflow mapping services
  • Additional Training
  • Data migration services
  • Integration Services

    Our HL7 Interface Experts are available for all your integration needs, with the capacity to integrate BariAnalytics with any Electronic Health Record system. Cost varies by project, depending on the integration protocol and customization efforts required.

    Data Backup

    The monthly subscription fee includes the costs of hosting the server and managing the data on the cloud. We provide regular backups and also give you access to this stored data upon request via a secured FTP location.

    Support Services

    Depending on the level of support you require, there are various support packs to choose from, with options including calls to our Support Desk or submitting an Online Ticket. The support workflow includes:

    Support Desk

    When you call the Support Desk, the call is taken immediately by a Support Representative and, depending on whether the issue can be resolved at that time or if it requires additional work time, the Support Representative may then escalate the issue to a Product Manager committed to finding an acceptable solution or workaround until resolution.

    Online Ticketing Tool

    The Online Ticketing Tool is available 24/7 and allows you to log and track an issue anytime. All tickets are reviewed on priority, and a solution is communicated to you at the earliest.

    Support Costs

    Basic Support - Included in all services
    Advanced Support - Contact us for pricing

    Support Packs

    Support Level
    Support Mechanism
    Response Time
  • No call directly to support.
  • All priority issues are first logged into as ticket.
  • Call on support desk if no resolution in 3 hours for P1.
  • P1 - 3-5 business days
    P2 - 5-10 business days
    P3 - Varies
  • Direct Email access to support desk for P1 issues.
  • P2 issues need are logged into the ticketing tool.
  • P1 - 1-3 business days
    P2 - 5-10 business days
    P3 - Varies

    Priority Definitions

    P1 : Impacts system usage for a specific module and cannot perform a particular function; the rest of the system is available for use
    P2 : Changes needed in configuration or setup, requiring custom change; no impact on system usage
    P3 : No impact on any modules