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We understand your bariatric practice. BariAnalytics was designed specifically by bariatric physicians and administrators to be a comprehensive, fully integrated practice management EMR solution for improving workflow efficiency in their own medical weight loss clinics.

Easy Scheduler
  • Register new patient, book and cancel patient appointments
  • Create a single or recurring appointment
  • Manage group class appointments for different resources across multiple clinical locations
  • Customizable views
Superbill Management & EOD Reconcilliation
  • Efficiently manage products & services sales and generate superbills
  • Quickly reconcile superbills, revenue, drugs and more

  • Manage group class appointments for different resources across multiple clinical locations
  • Filters allow for customized analyses
Comprehensive EMR & Patient Portal
  • Track patient progress from a single location with a bariatric-specific EMR & PHR
  • Quickly identify Encounter-specific Chief Complaints & Reason for Visit
  • Monitor patient vitals, measurements and program performance
  • Customize screens for Review of Systems & Physical Exam
Consents & Document Management
  • Upload & store patient documents in various categories
  • Configure categories for document storages such as consents, tests, labs, etc.
  • Monitor patient vitals, measurements and program performance
  • Specify documents to be reviewed by provider with alerts
Alerts, Messaging & Letters
  • Receive & send automated patient appointment alerts
  • Create and send secure messages with internal email engine

  • Use bariatric-specific pre-formatted letters as well as customize, manage and automate letters
Metrics & Reports
  • Monitor trends in clinic performance, program success, patient dropouts, product sales and more
  • Drill down and filter to create custom reports

Data Exchange
  • Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • ANSI ASC X12

  • Continuity of Care Record (CCR)
  • Continuity of Care Document (CCD)
Lab, Hospital & DEA Integration
  • Multiple integration options and standard HL7 interface allow for seamless exchange of critical data
  • State-specific weekly Rx DEA reports

Customized Charting & Task Pathway Management
  • Configurable assessment templates
  • Document history, diagnosis, allergies, medications, vitals, insurance and more
  • Create bariatric-specific & role-specific customizable task modules, templates & workflows
  • Create custom task lists for each medical treatment plan
  • Easily document Problem List with ICD-10